Reflections from our San Francisco Interns

postOn Saturday, March 4, 2017, 6 Educators from The Global Teachers Institute set off to San Francisco for the annual teach With Africa US Educator exchange program. The program places our trainee teachers in host schools throughout six schools in the U.S. where they observed and practiced teaching in American classrooms. The program took place at Drew School, Gateway Middle, Gateway High, Katherine Delmar Burke School, Town School for Boys and The Hamlin.
The teachers are now back in South Africa, here are some insights on the trip and what they have taken away from their host schools to practice and share in South Africa.

“My Take away back to South Africa and in the classroom is the urgency to re-introduce value based projects, not only does this pedagogy stimulate the learner’s interest to learn it also creates a platform for social entrepreneurs to solve socio-economic challenges which promote positive/ good values. Also, the consistency and the significance of differentiation learning (Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic learners) is evident and implemented in all lesson plans linked with the advantages and benefits of co-teaching. I intend to model how a learner-centered classroom environment feels like.”
Sibusiso Sebeko – LEAP 5

“My host teacher was Laura D’Amato at Gateway High. I have learned a lot from her. What I am taking home with me will be how classes are conducted, practice more the learner-centered classroom and also make sure that I broaden my learners’ thinking or capability through reading informative books and also what is relevant. “
Gugulethu Ncube – Future Comprehensive School

“Working with Elizabeth Colen and Lucy Hilarides has shown me the value of students researching important social events in history, on their own, formulating their own conclusions. This gave student’s answers depth when participating in Socratic circles, and allowed all students to actively participate because they had their facts to back up their arguments. By doing this they are creating a future generation of people who have informed arguments and informed discussions. Which left me asking, what sort of student am I sending out in the world? “
Nomcebo Dladla- Inanda Seminary 

“I have taken a lot within this one month I’ve had at Burke’s. This is a once in a lifetime experience for me and I am really grateful for it. In terms of the classroom teaching and learning, I have observed quite a lot. Teachers at this school keep their activities interesting at all times and engaging for the learners. They foster thinking in their learners at all costs and everyone gets to learn something at the end of the day and every learner is encouraged and not belittled. I will also take away with me the work ethic instilled in these learners and their introduction to their love for reading at a tender kindergarten age. I have been working closely with Dr. Rawlings and Ian Van Werk the science teachers, Ms. Turner for English, Howard and Susan Deemer who helped me a lot with my research project. They have all been very welcoming to me and very helpful in ways I cannot explain. “
Smangaliso Sosibo -St. Nicholas 

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