Teach With Africa Fellowship


We typically recruit certified high school and upper middle school teachers with four years or more of classroom experience teaching high school math, science, English, or computer science for the Instructional Fellowship and non-classroom educators working within organizations or universities for the Faculty-In-Residence Fellowship.

The programme aims to facilitate an authentic platform for fellows and their South African hosts to learn from one another, improve their instructional practices, and shift the international engagement paradigm from giving and taking to co-creation and sharing. In addition to professional experience and expertise, we seek to recruit Fellows who are excited by the programme’s potential to be a truly transformative experience, personally and professionally.

Fellows create and implement a project that can help connect South African learners, teachers, schools or organisations with potential US peers. Projects could include collaborative classroom projects, sharing professional development resources between teachers and introductions between potential thought partners; they also present their project at the GTI Axis Summit.

Fellows are paired with one or more South African teachers in their subject area to collaborate with during their time at one of the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition campuses. Fellows work collaboratively with young teachers to study, reflect, and learn about one another’s practices through Action Based Research methods. Including but not limited to, observing lessons, reflecting and sharing feedback, co-teaching, and collaborating on lesson planning and curriculum development or special projects. Fellows attend all staff meetings, department meetings and are expected to participate in extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities while in residence at the South African host school.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual exchange will not take place in 2021.