Class of 2022 Graduation

Graduates photos2Graduation – September 2023

Inspiring graduation sets the tone for spring

The start of South Africa’s Heritage Month began on a beautiful note as Global Teachers Institute held its graduation ceremony on the 6th of September 2023. The event was virtually attended by education officials, funders, current teacher interns, friends, and families alongside the graduates themselves.

The path to the auspicious graduation moment was paved by hard work, determination, and countless memories that have shaped the graduates into the individuals they are today. With their diplomas in hand and dreams in their hearts, they gathered to celebrate the peak of their dedication and growth with one goal in mind. Upon receiving their diploma, each graduate recited their co-mission for their future in education. They committed themselves to facilitating the process and helping to change the future of education for every learner they encounter.

The keynote address, delivered by Ms. Ruth Ledwaba, who is the Chief Education Specialist (Teacher Education and Development) stressed the importance that as “newly graduated teachers, the responsibility now lies on their shoulders. They need to stand firm and commit to their overarching goal of making a success and impact in the education field that they have chosen.”

A light-hearted yet inspiring interlude fireside chat was hosted by Ms. Phadiela Cooper, who is the Operations Manager at HCI Foundation (Hosken Consolidated Investments). With nearly 20 years of being in the education sector, she took the opportunity to impart some wisdom to the graduates, “Build up a network of teachers who have similar interests or teach the same subjects, so that you can share resources.” she expressed.

Now that the graduates were capped and applauded, their journey into the next chapter of life was set in motion. The ceremony drew to an inspiring close when Lerato Mlangeni, Programme & Facilities Coordinator at GTI recited a paragraph of encouragement for the budding teacher graduates. With each word she uttered, the true essence of the title “teacher” was magnified and the reality lay, that once you commit to becoming a teacher, it is a lifelong commitment you pledge to nurturing and pouring substance into each learner.

GTI extends its gratitude to every educational funder and individual who has helped make this momentous occasion possible for each graduate.

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” – Kahlil Gibran.

-Sian Buys, Sept 2023