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Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

The Global Teachers Institute offers an excellent opportunity for companies and charitable foundations to make a difference in South Africa by investing in one of the most important pillars of our education system: our teachers.

If you would like to discuss possible funding partnerships with GTI or investing in one of our flagship programmes, please get in touch with David Jacobs, our business development manager, at or +27 (0) 87 135 8167/8/9

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Individual Giving

Help change education in South Africa by funding the development of skilled, inspired and passionate teachers.  Your donation will be used to fund development of new teachers and help in-service teachers develop new skills.

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Fund the Future Campaign

Global Teachers Institute is seeking support for our 80 teacher interns in our Future Leaders Programme during the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish to:
– Provide a food security grant to interns in households who have lost income
– Provide a laptop or tablet to each intern with data to enable them to submit UNISA assignments on time
– Reach out to our interns with weekly, online academic support and professional development sessions

Our core programme, Future Leaders, is an innovative model for training new teachers from under-resourced townships and rural areas through paid internships in schools, allowing students to earn money and get valuable work experience while doing their B.Ed. degree via distance learning through UNISA. The programme has over 80 interns at 20 schools throughout South Africa.

By supporting this campaign, you will help ensure that these aspiring teachers have the necessary additional support for food and access to technology to focus on making this challenging year a success for them, both academically and professionally,

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