At the Global Teachers Institute, we envision quality teachers facilitating learning that creates a just, equitable and inclusive world.

Our mission is to develop reflective, empathetic, socially responsible master teachers for high-need African schools through school-based initial teacher education programmes, projects and interventions for replication and scale.

Who We Are
The Global Teachers Institute (GTI) is a teacher development network of educators, schools and organizations committed to developing high-quality teachers through school-based initial teacher education programmes, international exchanges and collaborative platforms.

What We Do
GTI creates school-based learning opportunities for selected Future Leaders through partnering with universities and schools. The partnerships allow the Future Leaders to work with a mentor teacher within a host public or private school. This allows the Future Leader to receive academic and professional support, as well as human development and practical teaching experience which is critical upon them completing their B.Ed degree.

The GTI believes that teachers must not only focus on instructional practice and teaching skills, but should transform personally to be agents of change thus setting a deeper meaning for their practice. Our aim is to develop global teachers who are capable of creating and facilitating learning environments for all learners in a liberating, emotionally supportive, culturally relevant and academically inspiring manner.

Our Competency Framework serves as the roadmap and foundation for all aspects of the work that we do. It is the basis for the development of our programmes, events, and curriculum. This competency focus aims to anchor teachers on their potential and allow them to have both an understanding of pedagogy and an ability to make it practical.

The competency model has four domains that embody GTIs vision:-
● Personal and Professional Reflection
● Love, care and Empathy
● Professional Mastery
● Social Justice & Responsibility