Our Work

Our work comprises the following initiatives and programmes:

  • The annual AXIS Education Summit(#AxisEd), a five-day convergence of students, teachers and education leaders from throughout South Africa and around the world. The summit allows a variety of educational stakeholders at any stage in their career an opportunity to collaborate and work towards a new vision for education.
  • The Future Leaders Programme (FLP), a teacher training programme that provides school-based training, mentoring, and independent professional development to pre-service and in-service teachers.
  • The Champion Teachers Programme, a three-year national programme for public school teachers and leaders in rural South Africa who have been identified as potential change agents in their schools and communities. The programme facilitates professional development workshops for these twenty-four ‘Champion Teachers’ from government schools.
  • The USA Internship Programme, which provides student-teachers and young teachers from the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition with a one-month residency in a high performing school in the United States. Through the internship, American and South African teachers share best teaching practices, form mentoring relationships, and collaborate on strategies to bring about equality in education in both countries.