GTI Axis Summit 2019

The GTI Axis Summit is designed as a community of practice, where all voices are valued, encouraged to participate, and where every attendee can make a meaningful contribution. A place where everyone is an expert, and experienced practitioners and novices share and contribute to growing everyone’s body of knowledge. This year’s Summit will took place from 2 to 4 July 2019 at the University of Johannesburg’s Funda Ujabule Primary School. 

Everyone agrees that our education system in South Africa and the world is in serious need of change. But what are the key levers to make that change a reality? This year’s theme was: connect + create = change.

This year’s Summit explored ways of turning classrooms into creative spaces for learning, and challenge participants to make these spaces sites where learners can connect both with each other and with the wider local and global communities in which they find themselves.

From the Summit, GTI will over the month of October release a series of 8 knowledge products aimed to equip educators to become active change agents in our schools, our communities, our country and the world at large.  Click on the product below to download it.



WikiAfrica Education Creating a new African narrative online by Craig Johnson from Bridge and Bobby Shabangu from Joburgpedia Project

Using CoPs to solve educational obstacles in the classroom by Tania Ham

Solve a problem and change the world by Clifford Sykes

Making Magic Happen Every Day by John McBride

Curious About Makerspaces by Lawrence and Wilhemina

BBrain Gymprovise by Brett and Megan

Creating Questions for Change by Crystal Polski