Tania Ham – Appointment as Education Leader

Empowering Minds: A Journey in Education and Personal Growth

GTIretreat2-159 (1)As the saying goes, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” These words by Nelson Mandela resonate profoundly with individuals who dedicate their careers to the field of education. One such individual is Tania Ham.

Tania holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Ecology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Her journey in education has been marked by passion, dedication and a commitment to make a positive impact.

In 2018, Tania embarked on a collaborative project between LEAP and Edunova known as LEED. 2 years later, significant growth in her career saw her become appointed as the Regional Schools Coordinator for GTI in Limpopo. In this role, she used her knowledge and leadership abilities to improve the quality of education in the region. Tania has continuously been involved in championing the cause of accessible and high-quality education.

In 2023, GTI became part of a consortium of organizations with a mission to introduce a ground-breaking Mathematics project called Mindspark in schools within the Ehlanzeni District. The project received generous funding from the Get It Done Foundation (GIDF). Tania, with her wealth of experience and proven track record, was appointed as the Regional Schools Coordinator for the GIDF project in the Mbombela Region. She held the position until her appointment as Education Leader.

“As I step into my new role as Education Leader for GTI, I am charged with a set of responsibilities that not only shape the future of education but also inspire a generation of educators who are at the forefront of transformation.” Tania shared with the team.

Tania’s long-term goal is to create a program that can be internationally recognised and where the interns get to teach locally as well as afford them the opportunity of teaching globally one day. Her story is not only a testament to personal growth and professional achievement but also an inspiration for others in the field of education.

As Tania continues to pave the way for educational innovation and excellence, her journey stands as a beacon, guiding educators and intern educators toward a future where every student can unlock their full potential through the gift of quality education in South Africa and globally. We wish here all the best and are excited for the opportunities ahead!