Kimberly Harper, TWA Fellow, Shares her Placement Experience

The Teach With Africa and Global Teachers Institute Fellowship provides high-quality professional development for teachers and teachers-in-training, focusing on instructional programs and educational leadership initiatives through programs in South Africa. Global Teachers Institute aims to shift the international engagement paradigm to one of co-creating and co-sharing global teaching practices through the program.

Below one of the participating fellows Kimberly Harper who is hosted at LEAP 5, Jane Furse, Limpopo shares her experience in engaging with and mentoring young teachers in the classroom.


“It’s Week 2 into my Teach With Africa Fellowship in South Africa and things are going well at LEAP 5, Limpopo!  I think I’m hitting my stride. I am co-teaching in an English class, the students are very eager to share their thoughts and learnings about the text they are reading. We are reading literature from The Western Canon. They are bright! 

The staff is diverse and they are open to new ideas, this week on Thursday, I will facilitate a Professional Development session about Thinking Maps – a visual language for learning. The weather is cool most days, but the skyline is beautiful and I’ve taken some time to admire the trees and listen to the birds during my three-hour prep. My host teacher, Asanda Sigigaba is showing me all the sights of Jane Furse, Limpopo, It’s been a real treat!”