GTI Emergence Campaign

Copy of Future Leaders Programme (3)

The Global Teachers Institute (GTI) invites you to join us in writing a new story for education in South Africa. While we are mindful of the many challenges that our country faces, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and more broadly, including deepening socio-economic hardships, inequalities, and exclusion – all of which may seem overwhelming, we firmly believe that our work is more urgent than ever.

In 2022, we aim to grow our Future Leaders Programme by enabling 20 more young people to become ‘fit for purpose’ teachers who have the knowledge, skills and passion to guide and lead our children. The cost to train one Future Leader is R120,000 per year (R10 000 per month). We provide our Future Leaders with wrap-around support, including psycho-social support to, in turn, future-proof our children. Our Future Leaders are guided and mentored by experienced master teachers in high need schools where partners are working with us to reimagine education in our country.

We are calling on our friends, partners, and all interested stakeholders to support us in our Emergence Campaign to ensure our ability to once again scale our Future Leaders Programme and grow our cohort. A once off or monthly donation, no matter how small, will enable GTI to support the emergence of this new brigade of transformative teachers in South Africa.

We believe that your answer to this call is an emphatic YES because you care about our children’s future and their education. An investment in education is a sure way to future-proof our children’s lives. Please join the campaign by sending your donation or forwarding this letter to your own network of friends and associates.

To support this campaign, simply visit to make a donation online through one of our online giving partners, GivenGain. You can do so by making a donation into our bank account below:

Account Name: Global Teachers Institute
Account Type: Cheque
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Number: 6266 4422 525
Branch Clearing Code: 20 15 09 (Rondebosch)

If you make a donation directly via our bank account, we would appreciate it if you send us proof of payment to so that we can acknowledge your donation.

Our Future Leaders thank you in advance for your support as together, we write a new story for education in South Africa and the world.