Our Work

Our work comprises the following initiatives and programmes:

  • The annual GTI Axis Summit is designed as a community of practice, where all voices are valued, encouraged to participate, and where every attendee can make a meaningful contribution. A place where everyone is an expert, and experienced practitioners and novices share and contribute to growing everyone’s body of knowledge.
  • The Future Leaders Programme (FLP) is a teacher training program that provides school-based training, mentoring, and independent professional development to pre-service and in-service teachers. The program seeks to develop a new generation of highly capable educators by immersing pre-service teachers full-time in schools. The program also seeks to provide in-service teachers with experiences to improve their own teaching practice, instructional leadership skills, and mentoring abilities.

  • The US Internship is an annual programme to which pre-service interns can apply for a fully sponsored month-long opportunity to intern at a GTI partner school in the USA, in partnership with Teach With Africa. Through the internship, American and South African teachers share best teaching practices, form mentoring relationships and collaborate on strategies to bring about equality in education in both countries.
  • GTI in partnership with Teach With Africa host the annual Instructional Fellowship Programme where highly qualified and motivated teachers and educators from the US participate in our 1-month Fellowship Programme. The programme aims to facilitate an authentic platform for fellows and their South African hosts to learn from one another, improve their instructional practices, and shift the international engagement paradigm from one of giving and taking to co-creation and sharing. In addition to professional experience and expertise, we seek to recruit Fellows who are excited by the potential of the programme to be a truly transformative experience, personally and professionally.