Teach With Africa’s Educator Exchange Programme: A Life-changing Opportunity

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-15 at 14.55.23In March 2023, Teach With Africa welcomed four interns from Cape Town, South Africa, accompanied by Hassiena Marriott, the Head of Education with the Global Teachers Institute. Teach With Africa’s Educators’ Exchange Programme, in collaboration with Flora Mugambi-Mutunga, TWA’s Senior Community and Education Consultant, and The Global Teachers Institute sponsored this enriching opportunity.

One of the interns, Bhongo Mkhonto, shared her story and how the experience has impacted her life. She said, “The value of the educator exchange programme changed how I view education and shaped the kind of teacher I am striving to become. The value of the experience ignited my love for teaching and I now want to reach and do more in African and global education.  Participating in the educator exchange programme has profoundly transformed my perspective on education and the type of teacher I aspire to become.”

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The experience has ignited her passion for teaching and has inspired her to strive for greater achievements in African and global education. Undoubtedly, the value of the experience has been the highlight of her career so far. The opportunity to immerse herself in a new teaching environment and witness the positive response of learners towards his teaching has been a truly rewarding experience.

Bhongo was placed at Katherine Delmar Burke School, commonly known as Burke’s, an independent girls’ school for kindergarten through eighth grade, in San Francisco, California, United States. Her experience has inspired her to look into options to study further courses related to international education, where she can improve or bring educational change in developing countries around the world.

Teach With Africa’s Educator Exchange Programme is not only transforming the lives of aspiring teachers but also the lives of the learners they will teach. Education is the foundation for creating a better future for our communities and the world at large.