Cedusizi Mthethwa’s Journey with GTI

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I wish the donors and supporters of GTI could see the impact of their contributions. By supporting education initiatives like the Future Leaders Programme, through donations, volunteering, or advocacy, they are helping to create a brighter future not just for myself but also for future generations. – Cedusizi Mthethwa

Cedusizi Mthethwa’s journey has not been all easy, it has been filled with obstacles, but he never made excuses towards achieving his goals. He has recently completed his final semester at UNISA and is awaiting the audit to confirm his graduation. He is ready to graduate from the Global Teachers Institute’s Future Leaders Programme.

He shared with us that during his time in the programme, he learnt to be resilient to overcome challenges and setbacks. His conversations with other fellow future leaders during professional development sessions empowered him and gave him the ability to bounce back from difficult situations. It taught him to maintain a positive attitude even in the face of adversity.

One of GTI’s domains is empathy, and it has been revisited a couple of times by Cedusizi to remind himself that a thriving aspiring teacher is someone who is empathetic and understands the needs and perspectives of their students. Through this, he learned the ability to connect with students on a personal level and create a supportive and inclusive learning environment. A positive impact on the lives of his students and the communities they come from is now more than ever, a commitment that he made. He endeavours to create a learning environment that is challenging, engaging, and supportive.

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As a GTI intern, I value social responsibility and decided to start a program called “Alliance for Hope” to educate and empower youth about mental health. In addition, with the help of other interns, we donated sanitary pads and stationery to 180 Grade 12 learners at Mbambiso Secondary School and brought treats to Masihambisane Primary School, said Cedisizi.

Despite facing rejections from local potential donors in his community, Cedusizi remained committed to achieving his goals. As a GTI graduate, he stands as an agent of change, committed to servant leadership with integrity, creativity, and commitment.
Seed through education” is a powerful concept that highlights the transformative power of education. Just as a seed has the potential to grow into a thriving plant, education has the potential to transform individuals and communities, enabling them to reach their full potential and thrive.