Present at the GTI Axis Summit 2019

We are inviting presenters from across the education spectrum (from students to experienced educators and academics) to apply to present at the Summit.   All presentations should be:

  • Participatory ,experiential and offer participants opportunities to implement learning
  • Facilitate group discussions
  • Not be promoting a particular commercial product, religious or political world view
  • Related to Summit Theme: connect + create = change

A full description of presenter requirements is contained in our Call For Presenters which can be downloaded here.  Deadline for applications is Friday 24 May 2019.

Presentations are invited in one of three categories. To apply to present, please click the appropriate category below:

  • Three Minutes of Innovation (3 minutes): This is a short presentation of 3 minutes to introduce a new innovation in education that helps build creative classrooms or connects learners and educators both in an out of the classroom.


  • Teaching Strategy Quick Hits (7 minutes): This is a short presentation of 7 minutes to introduce a creative teaching strategy or technique aimed at building a creative and/or connected classroom.


  • Community of Practice (CoP) Workshop (45 minutes): This is a full format workshop aimed at an in-depth look by a presenter at a topic that is of importance to them and that they are most passionate and informed about. Presenters do not have to be experts but instead, have an experience or body of knowledge they would like to share with other educators.  Workshops are to be participatory and experiential, and should not be lectures or over-emphasize presenter talk-time.