Nthabiseng at The Hamlin School

GTI Future Leader, Nthabiseng Lizzy Matsetela, was selected for the Teach With Africa US Internship and spent a month at the Hamlin School. Lizzy focused on instilling a love of math in her students.

“My most transformative moment was when I realized the power I have as a teacher. I need to take ownership and responsibly to change society and my classroom practice in a positive vision.”

Nthabiseng says this trip has shifted her perspective on global issues when she observed the USA classes, she realized that as a global nation we are faced with similar global issues. Teachers are raising the next generation which needs our full attention and therefore we need one another to continue living in peace and harmony in this world. Similar issues that I always encounter in my classrooms in SA played out in the USA classrooms.

“The trip has motivated me to use education as a tool for social change. I am going to share the knowledge and information that I have learned throughout this trip experience with learners, colleagues and anybody interested. I will liberate them by sharing this information without trimming it. I would like to see them analyzing, criticizing and reaching conclusions themselves.”