GTI Future Leaders Imbizo 2021



On Friday, 26 November 2021, we hosted the GTI Future Leaders Imbizo, which focused on the support teachers need to enable them to confront complex challenges in the classroom, broader school environment and within their communities at large as we emerge under the theme “Journey from Emergency to Emergence: Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery”

With financial support to sponsor the event from Nedbank Limited, the event provided an opportunity for 99 young aspiring teachers from across the country to collaborate and build relationships with each other and engage in important conversations that affect teachers and learners such as mental health, resilience, empathy, the importance of male teachers and the need to build greater gender awareness and equality.

Tula Photo2Tula Dlamini, from Nedbank Limited, was our speaker at the Imbizo. He is a Journalism and Media professional and academic with extensive technical production, news, current affairs and policy analysis experience. Tula believes that through Better Teaching and Better Learning, we are as a society engaged in a transformational agenda.

“Students need to have fun at school, and education must be experiential, which is the best way of ensuring participation in the classroom. The themes selected for the Imbizo were carefully selected and profoundly affected me personally. As they in IsiZulu ukufunda akupheli -learning never ends. Today my cup has been filled by the Future Leaders.”

The event took place virtually at the different GTI Education Hubs. We remain steadfast in our commitment to developing reflective, empathetic, socially responsible master teachers for high-need African schools through school-based initial teacher education interventions for replication and scale. A new brigade of well-supported teachers will facilitate learning, creating a just, equitable, and inclusive world.