Global Teachers Society: Exam Drive

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The Global Teachers Institute together with the Witwatersrand University GTI Society Student Chapter launched their first exam drive to help equip students with essential exam packs as they head into exam season.  Over 140 students gathered in the Wits Education Campus auditorium to be part of the inaugural event and notable organizations like Via Afrika, Avbob Foundation and Gautrain made donations of notebooks, pens, pencils, and more stationery to make sure that each student has the basic resources to study, prepare and ace their exam.

With this initiative of the Global Teachers Institute, the intention is to extend its work beyond its current teacher development programmes and the annual Axis Summit.  We wish to build an inclusive community of practice of aspiring teachers across South Africa along with experienced in-service teachers who can support new entrants into the profession by acting as mentors.

Ms. Palesa Mofokeng, the Global Teachers Society Chairperson at Wits, acknowledged the support from GTI and sponsors as students struggle to get basic stationery to last them through the exams. “The Committee will work with students and GTI to bring more dynamic discussions and engage on teaching profession preparedness and how to become agents of change” said Palesa.

The mood was jovial as students engaged the Managing Director, Ms. Xulu on the work of the GTI and how the Wits students can participate through GTS.

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