Connect + Create = Change – Let’s Ramp it up! 

2019 World Teachers Day

At the GTI Axis Summit 2019 in July, 291 people passionate about transforming education came together to connect, create and change the way we teach in our classrooms and interact in our communities.

This World Teachers’ Day, we are ramping it up and sharing some of those conversations through the launch of the Axis Summit Knowledge Product series at Starting today, and continuing throughout the month of October, we will release a series of 8 short booklets that you can download and share widely with fellow teachers and your learners.

  Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” – Robert Boyce 

Our first booklet, Experience This, explores how teachers can use the universal language of dance in their classrooms.  Kurt Minnaar, the founder of Dreamer Education, has pioneered the use of hip-hop and dance in teaching foundation phase mathematics, and we have distilled some of his ideas in this guide.

GTI believes that everyone has something to contribute to growing our practice as teachers, and we want both experienced practitioners and novices to share and contribute to growing everyone’s body of knowledge.

In addition to the Knowledge Product series, we are aiming to develop a series of case studies of how the Summit has changed classroom practice and the broader community in which our learners find themselves.  If you attended the Summit, and it helped ramp up your practice, share your experience of how you or your classroom has changed just by clicking the “I’VE RAMPED IT UP”, and you and your school/organization could be profiled in the series.

Enjoy World Teachers Day, and continue connecting, creating and changing as we write a new story for education in South Africa and the world!