Chumile Mgwali: 2020 GTI Future Leaders Programme Graduate

Copy of Chumile Mgwali (1)Chumile Mgwali joined the GTI Future Leaders Programme in January 2017 as a shy and very soft-spoken young person. In December 2020, Chumile completed his B. Ed. (Senior and FET Phase) Degree, majoring in Accounting and Business Studies.

During his time in the GTI programme, he learned a lot about who he is and what it means to be a teacher. The professional development sessions that the interns attend every Friday have equipped him with the skills to become a better person and a better teacher.

“I would recommend the GTI programme to any aspiring teacher because you get the experience and enjoy the company of other young aspiring teachers with whom you get to share knowledge and experiences. That has also helped me a lot because they kept me motivated even when it got tough.”

With the experience and knowledge that he has acquired, his outlook for his future in education is to make as much impact as possible, both inside and outside the classroom.

In 2018 he was granted the opportunity to travel to America on the Teach With Africa exchange programme for a month. The experience has had a positive impact on his teaching career and has broadened his knowledge of the teaching profession. He now views himself as a global-minded educator.