We are proud to share that GTI has a fresh new look with a redefined logo and brand identity that reflects our growth over the last five years. Our unwavering commitment to our mission, philosophy and core principles remains the same. GTI will now have a youthful, confident look with bold and bright colours as we position ourselves as one of the leading school-based teacher training organisations.
The idea behind the new look was using the planet earth as a symbol for ‘global’, the bold solid letters of GTI and a compass icon positioned upward and forward. GTI aims to produce aspiring teachers who are global-minded and who give direction to the next generation of youth by being their compass in their academic, personal and socio-emotional development.
You will start to see changes to our website, social media profiles, and our new brand signatures. As we start this process, we’d like to take some time and thank our funders and collaborative partners. Without you, this would not be possible, and we look forward to working together to write a new story for education in South Africa and the world.