A Champion Teacher: Mmabatho Caroline Nthutang

Certain places on earth are conventionally hard to associate with people who become influential and of high reckoning in society – I am a product of such a place.  My name is Mmabatho Caroline Nthutang; born, bred and raised in Mahikeng, popularly known as “The City of Goodwill”, in the North West province. I was born 23 years ago to my parents as the last of 7 children, which ensured that I grew up with a strong support structure as my elder siblings paved the way, quintessentially.

Mmabatho NthutangMy passion for teaching, developing and inspiring young minds started as a young girl. I was inspired by my mother, who remained passionate about her work irrespective of our unfavourable circumstances. She graced the teaching profession with her undivided devotion and diligence. I knew then that this was my calling. Bringing change into a black child’s life is one of my biggest passions and motivity. I have seen the power of education through my own life, and despite my underprivileged family background, I managed to study hard without letting my struggles define who I am.

GTI helps aspiring teachers earn financial, academic, and professional support while gaining practical experience to become well-rounded and fully-fledged teachers. This reaffirms one’s calling and raises their confidence level to master one’s craft and delivery. It also helps the teachers tap into their innovative juices, reignites their passion, and helps them transform the education landscape and approach, considering the digital and information dispensation we live in today.

My journey with GTI began in 2018 when I met Tania Ham, who was my then Regional School Coordinator in Sekhukhune, Limpopo. “Discomfort is a sign of growth”- these were Tania’s words whenever I felt like giving up. She helped me shape my career and professional life. Moreover, she showed me how to transform my mistakes into skills and leverage my advantage in all situations. Today I am a Geography teacher at Inanda Seminary, and I’m still holding on to her advice.

Having to see my geography learners interact, ask questions, comply, comment, answer questions and get involved in team-teaching reassured me that I am making a difference in a black child’s life.  It also made me relive my everyday quote by Robert M. Hutchin; “Education is not to reform students, amuse them or to make them expert technicians. It is to unsettle their minds, widen their horizons, inflame their intellects, and teach them to think straight if possible”.

Through the help of GTI and its donors, I walk bravely with my head held up high, knowing that I am a champion teacher and representing the entire “Global Teachers Institute” network.